Lemon and herb chicken bites

Made these for a quick and easy dinner and they were so tasty served with sweet potato fries, salad and some peas and sweetcorn. (extra veg on top of salad! madness I know, but was for my baby) This served me and my baby and enough for this again in the freezer. Feel free toContinue reading “Lemon and herb chicken bites”

Pork and fennel pasta

 Lovely rich dish lightened up with lemon, super tasty and flavourful. I made this in winter and it instantly made me feel summery, roll on sunshine! Serves 2 You will need  250 grams pork mince 1 leek  1/2 courgette 1 tsp fennel seeds 2 cloves garlic 1/2 cup of double cream (I’m not american butContinue reading “Pork and fennel pasta”

My thai satay chicken

 Hi!  Probably not authentic but it tastes really amazing even though it doesnt photograph that well. I havent used much paste or fish sauce as was keeping salt content low enough for my baby to eat (he loved it!) but honestly it doesn’t need more. Full of flavour and delicious.  Serves 2 and a greedyContinue reading “My thai satay chicken”